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Web Services API

The Web API (Application Programming Interface) allows a developer to access our real-time AVL data. To utilize OTS's web services, an application id (AppID) is required via registration. This AppID will be a parameter that must be passed in order to use OTS's web service calls. All of OTS's web services are read-only in nature, use HTTP as the transport mechanism, with HTTP GET as the method to call the service, and XML formatted data as the response. Each web service begins with a base URL followed by parameters and arguments. The service arguments are separated by either a forward slash ("/") as part of the URL path, or GET parameters with the standard "?/&/=" separators.

For more information, please see our documentation.


An application id (AppID) is a required parameter to use the Web Services API. Before using the services, register for an AppID here.


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