Route 23: Begins eastbound service at Ala Moana Center at Bus Stop #426 on Kona Street. HEA will still show the 23 as servicing Kapiolani until 4/5/15.

Route C & 52: Serves ONLY Bus Stop #847 Kona/Kona Iki at Ala Moana Center. HEA will still show the these buses as servicing Bus Stops 426, 427 & 428 until 4/5/15.

S King St + Punchbowl St (Stop: 131)

last update: 11:41 PM

Route:40 - Limited service on Farrington from Old Fort Weaver Road to Kualakai Parkway

Route:62,72 - Macomb Gate is closed on the weekend only. Board buses on Wilikina or Waianae.

Route:A - Farrington/Leoku intersection